■  From 7 to 17 August 2020 in the gallery "Artist's Shop" at 8, Nevsky Prospect, a personal exhibition of Yulia and Darya Pinezhaninov "On the other side of dreams" is taking place.
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House of Journalists



  • Konstantinovsky

    Opening of the exhibition in the Konstantinovsky Palace

  • Autograph


  • Director KP

    With Director of the Konstantinovsky Palace
    V.V. Chirkov

  • Consul France

    Consul General of France in St. Petersburg
    Thibault Furrer

  • Artist and Mime

    Artist and Mime

  • Nude

    On Nude exhibition at the gallery Fossart

  • Violinist

    The artist and violinist Anastasia Laptev

  • Finalist

    Finalist of All-Russian Contest of Young Artists

  • Consul Japan

    The Consulate of Japan

  • Consul Switzerland

    Consul General of Switzerland in St. Petersburg Michel Faylleta, Julia and public relations director of the magazine "PRess-release Victoria Medvedev"

  • Performance

    Performance at the exhibition opening

  • Posters

    At the posters

  • Japanese motives

    At the opening of the exhibition "Japanese motives Petersburg spring"

  • DVer

    Mime Theatre "DVer"

  • Opening FA gallery

    Opening of the exhibition "FOSSART Gallery"

  • Exhibition FA gallery

    The exhibition in the "FOSSART Gallery"

  • Lenexpo. Julia

    Lenexpo. The Exhibition "ArtExpoSpb"

  • Lenexpo. Mom

    Lenexpo. Work.

  • Lenexpo. Team

    Lenexpo. Team.

  • PolyRealizm-17. Sketches of nudity

    PolyRealizm-17. Sketches of nudity.

  • PolyRealizm-17. Artistic Works

    PolyRealizm-17. Artistic Works.

  • PolyRealizm-17. In the work

    PolyRealizm-17. In the work.

  • Выборг

    Vyborg, September 2018.

  • Прованс, открытие

    Opening of the exhibition Monteux, Provence, June 2018.

  • Монтё, выставка

    Monteux, Provence, an exhibition in the church.

  • Лаванда

    On the lavender fields of Provence.

  • Поле лаванды

    Lavender field.

  • На высоте

    From the heights of the city of Salt, Provence.

  • Солт

    City of Salt. Job.

  • Солт.Пейзаж

    City of Salt. Landscape.

  • Мастерская. Портрет

    Workshop. Portrait of a lady in a red hat.

  • 80 летие С. Ямщикова

    With the Chairman of the Committee on Culture of St. Petersburg Sukhenko KE Exhibition to the 80th anniversary of S. Yamshchikov. Gallery "Guild of Masters", November 2018.

  • Выставка. г. Мянтя

    Exhibition. Myantia.

  • Мастер-класс. г. Мянтя

    Master Class. Myantia.

  • Беседа с Риикка Ленккери

    Conversation with the Finnish artist Riikka Lenkkeri. Myantia

  • ДомЖур

    House of Journalists, 10.11.2019, St. Petersburg

  • Музыка

    Music of creativity.

  • Лавка художника

    At the exhibition in the "Artist's Shop", 08/07/2020

  • Верейская

    At the opening of an exhibition with art critic Vera Vereiskaya

  • Набросок