About works

In the "Arts" presents works in oils and acrylics, such as still lifes, landscapes and portraits. Most urban landscapes painted on the streets of St. Petersburg, as well as in France, Finland, Italy and Switzerland. In the "Graphics" work made charcoal and sanguine. The "New Works" includes paintings, written in the last year, and is regularly updated.

In each of the sections are presented in the form of a mosaic. You can switch between the sections via the "Gallery" or the browser's "return to the previous page." For a more detailed view: Move your mouse over the picture which you like. Transition between pictures by means of pointers. They will appear when you hover the mouse pointer on the image (left or right). Start the slide show, you can use the buttons in the lower left corner of the window. Exit detailed view you can press the button (X) at the bottom right, or by clicking on the dark background.

Enjoy watching!