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In the exhibition hall Stables housing an exhibition of paintings of the young St. Petersburg artist Julia Pinezhaninovoy "The world heard the soul ...". It is a part of the annual international socio-cultural festival "Contact!". At 27, despite a problem with hearing, Julia - a member of the Artists Union of Russia, the winner of international competitions; She has six solo exhibitions in galleries in St. Petersburg; it is a participant in the plein air Finland, France, Switzerland, Italy. Her works are in private collections in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, USA, United Arab Emirates. The artist teaches classes in the art studio. From early childhood, Julia was engaged in painting, in the school years was the winner of the international competition "Europe at School", has successfully graduated from the Art and Industry Academy. Stieglitz. Its landscapes reflect the enchanting beauty of St. Petersburg and the surrounding area, the unique atmosphere of the streets of Paris, to which the author has special feelings, lyrical mood of medieval Tallinn.
The exhibition runs until June 5.

The newspaper "St. Petersburg Vedomosti", №80 (5697), Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Timid, a few half-hearted and at the same time incredibly energetic talent, not afraid of this word of praise, Julia Pinezhaninova's understands and accepts this world only visually. Understand and accept all of this insane, noisy, vociferous planet exclusively optic nerve. For it happened, Julia does not hear. Not heard from early childhood. But he feels, feels the world in each of his fit of - mental, spiritual, sensitive and expressive eyes Sharpened artist perfect and tremulous referee skilled and inquisitive lover of all that is beautiful. It is no coincidence Julia chose for himself a special pictorial technique, technique, a characteristic recognized geniuses of the past, a complicated technique, but expressive, whose name - impressionism. A sensitive and sensual eyes Julia seemed to be "talking" with his inquisitive fan language rich, lush and fascinating. Language. who "talked" with the audience Edouard Manet and Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet and Camille Pissarro, Frederic Bazille and Berthe Morisot. The abundance of French predecessors, has pushed our author's exercise in a completely ungrateful, namely the image of Paris, the city, inspired by the creativity risovatelnoe hundreds if not thousands of names. It is with a capital letter. Some of whom are our heroine's name, the name of our artist, the name of Julia Pinezhaninovoy. The works which can be seen in the walls of the Union of Artists, at the Palais des Congrès and various exhibition halls, galleries in the city, creative clusters.

Dmitry Moscowsky

The magazine "PRess-release," Winter-Spring 2015/2016

About works (Sorry, this is a machine translation)

The most fascinating spectacle - to see how the artist works. Admit it - you do not take your eyes off of precise hand movements and unexpected colorful mixes. And gradually, you plunge into the world of images and disturbing shadows on the canvas. Everything is easy! Laterna Magica! It seems that the artist's breathing stops for each stroke, and his whole soul he puts into a new reality, which gradually becomes a picture. No, a series of paintings! And they call peer, think, look at the world by comparing their feelings with the feelings of the artist. It is this emotional tension pervades the entire work of young St. Petersburg artist Julia Pinezhaninova. Artist's special, giving us a unique format of understanding the world, the visual language that speaks to the audience in awe color, form a kind of solution, but it is inherent, special flavor. Exhibition of creative works of the artist - a stage of personal development in the art, the degree of awareness of the skill, the ability to convey the feelings that have matured in my heart and will be interested in a simple spectator. A viewer will be a holiday of revelation and of belonging to the creativity and we, the audience, once again see Paris, visit the Parisian cafe at night, sunrise in Montmartre. The artist will give us a sense of serene Paris in his work, and preneset instantly brutal Petersburg - the hometown of the artist. Low-key love filled landscapes city- "Morning Walk", "Kryukov Canal," "St. Isaac's Cathedral" and once again reminded the audience the charm of St. Petersburg. This small preface to the booklet about the solo exhibition of Julia Pinezhaninova, member of St. Petersburg Union of Artists, -only brief essay on the works of young and talented artist, whose work does not leave you indifferent. Good luck to you. Julia!

Member of St. Petersburg Union of Artists,
Referent painting section E.N.Chegarovskaya
Coloristic mood in landscapes Julia Pinezhaninova

Julia Pinezhaninova - young St. Petersburg artist who at the very beginning of his career, was able to clearly and convincingly express themselves and their creative credo. Classes at the studio Honored Artist of Russia, the legendary teacher, Professor D.A.Shuvalov (1932-2013) played a huge role in the development of the artist. The phenomenal colorist gave his pupil the ability to feel, to "hear" color. While studying at the St. Petersburg Academy of Art and Industry named AL Stieglitz in "Painting and restoration of" Julia has acquired solid skills of drawing. The landscape became a favorite genre painting of the artist. This is due, primarily, to the fact that landscape involves working in the open air, which provides a rich opportunity for experimenting with color combinations, transmission depth of the landscape, light and air and mood. A separate chapter in the work of Julia Pinezhaninova is the architectural landscape of St. Petersburg - the hometown of the artist, in the historical and artistic traditions which she grew up and developed as a person. In the works of 2010-2011 the artist creates a kind of portrait of the selected location. "Sadovaya Street", "Kolomna", "Kalinkin Bridge" written by a wide color planes. The image of the city passed to calm pastel tones, in a palette dominated by cobalt, ocher, pearl gray. The image of the city is filled with melancholy and a little sad notes. In such a scheme and mood depicted architectural landscapes Chernigov, Finland, France, Switzerland this period. The turning point in the work of the artist was her trip to Italy in 2012. Significantly changing palette Julia Pinezhaninova, it is enriched with new nuances and shades. It is no coincidence in the Imperial Academy of Arts in the second half of the XVIII-XIX centuries where was a tradition of the best students of pensioner trips to Italy to improve the skills and explore the beautiful monuments of the Renaissance. Modern Italy does not cease to admire monuments, masterpieces of painting in museum collections, bright colors, vivid colors, various forms of the landscape. "Other" the air of the Apennines, burning your passion, brings a new emotion in the work of Julia Pinezhaninova. The coloring of her works became intense, deep, deep. Changing the stroke, he became a bold and determined, expressive and three-dimensional. Delight Julia before the Italian scenery is transmitted through the expression of its work to the viewer. Changing the attitude of the artist to the idea and content landscape. The artist selection is driven by other motives depicted scenery - not to portray the "postcard" recognition of the place, and convey their intimate relationship to him, piercing joy of meeting with the new and awesome to share with the audience felt emotions. If earlier the landscape associated with a specific place, it is now the artist is trying to convey an image caught, work is not a "portrait", and shaped. Italy has allowed Julia Pinezhaninova rethink the main components of painting - color, style of work with the plane, the texture of the stroke, experienced and transmitted mood. Italian studies marked evolution in the work of the young artist. First of all, the evolution touched her own mood, awareness of the possibility and the need to reveal their inner relation to the represented, to share it with the audience, expose your piercing feelings and overflowing emotions. The mood in landscapes changed by touching and meditate admiring the architectural dominants to focus on their own vivid emotions expressed by through a rich palette of colors. Petersburg Landscape in the works of the artist was soon filled with "Italian" mood. Although the city does not cease to be in color North, St. Petersburg series shows a new mood and attitude. Julia a new look at his hometown. It focuses on the instant, in the titles of the works appear an indication of the present moment - whether during the day or season of the year, "Nicholas Cathedral. Early winter morning "(2013)," Winter Isaac "(2013)," Walk in the White Nights "(2014)," Autumn Day "(2014)," Autumn Night Karpovka "(2014)," Morning on Fontanka "( 2014). Transfer point, volatility and mobility of the time and technical performance of works have in common a creative manner Julia Pinezhaninova with Impressionism. Paris studies also have not avoided new approaches to Julia color, expressive smear transmitted image. Sacre Coeur sinks into the sunset in the "View of the Church (2013). "Paris by Night" (2013) - a city snatched from the window of a passing car. In a greased "film frame" the artist conveys the image of a dynamic city. Works by Juliya Pinezhaninova due to the color intensity, impulsive strokes, achieving transmission of light and air are full of energy, feeling joyful, life-affirming beginning. New impulses give rise to a new rhythm works of Julia, they are musical. Today we are witnessing a significant step in the continuing work of the artist, even at the very beginning of her professional career.

Art critic, PhD Cultural Studies
Julia Spiridonova