In the city

В городе



Deep in the work

Глубоко в работе


Yulia was born in 1988 in Leningrad. Started drawing in children's studios and graduated from art school. She comprehended bases of painting in D.A. Shuvalov’s workshop. After six years, she graduated from the St. Petersburg art and industrial academy of A.L. Shtiglitsa in 2012 in the specialty "Painting and restoration". Yulia can’t hear since the early childhood, for her- painting is opportunity to show her inner world, the attitude to that she represents. Since 2004 Yulia Pinezhaninova successfully participates in the Russian and international exhibitions, at the moment she has 12 personal expositions. In January 2015 young artist entered into the Union of Artists of Russia. Consists in creative association called "Polirealizm". Yulia teaches classes of oil painting in her personal studio. Her works are in private collections in Russia, Holland, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Germany.

Participation in exhibitions

  1. “Hope”, 2009-2014, Union of artists, St. Petersburg.
  2. “Native open spaces”, 2010, Spiritual and Educational centre “svyatoduhovsky”, Alexander Nevsky Lavra, St. Petersburg.
  3. “Zooculture”, 2011, 2013, 2015, Union of artists, St. Petersburg.
  4. “Women of St. Petersburg” 2012, Armenian center, St. Petersburg.
  5. “Autumn”, 2012, 2016, 2017 the Union of artists of SPb.
  6. “Poly-realism”, 2013-2020 the Union of artists of SPb.
  7. “Youth Of St. Petersburg. Start”, fall 2013-2019, the Union of artists of St. Petersburg “Ohta”.
  8. “Spring”, 2014, 2016, 2018, artists Union of St. Petersburg.
  9. Exhibition of young artists, 2014, “Gallery SPB”, St. Petersburg.
  10. 1 Solo exhibition, September 2014. Gallery “K. I. T.”, St. Petersburg.
  11. Final exhibition all-Russian competition of young artists “Muse should work”, 2014, 2015 Creative cluster “Artmuse”, St. Petersburg.
  12. 2 Solo exhibition, January 2015, gallery “Arte”, St. Petersburg.
  13. “Faces of Victory”, 2015, Creative cluster “Artmuse”, St. Petersburg.
  14. “For the Fatherland”, all-Russian exhibition, 2015, NGVC, Nizhny Novgorod.
  15. Art-plein air and exhibition “Artists paint the glass.”, 2015, the Museum of Glass, St. Petersburg.
  16. 3 Solo exhibition, 2015, Gallery painting and baguette “DiSa”, SPb.
  17. 4 Solo exhibition, 2015, Hotel “Cronwell inn Stremyannaya”, SPb.
  18. ART festival and exhibition, 2015, the Congress Palace, St. Petersburg.
  19. 5 Solo exhibition, 2015, Foundation gallery of Karl Bulla, St. Petersburg.
  20. Art-plein air “Yelagin seasons”, 2015, TsPKO, St. Petersburg.
  21. 6 Solo exhibition, 2015, Is the library “On Stremyannaya”, St. Petersburg.
  22. 7 Solo exhibition, 2015, GazProm, St. Petersburg.
  23. “Half my kingdom for a horse”, 2016 г. Gallery “Fossart”. St. Petersburg.
  24. 8 Solo exhibition, 2016, Palace of Congresses, St. Petersburg.
  25. 9 Solo exhibition, 2016, Gallery “Fossart”, St. Petersburg.
  26. “Nude Art”, 2016 г. Gallery “Fossart”, St. Petersburg.
  27. “PetersburgLOGOS”, 2016, FGUK “All-Russian Museum of A.S. Pushkin”
  28. 10 Solo exhibition, “Japanese motives of the St. Petersburg spring”, 2016, Coffee House “A & M”, St. Petersburg, Mayakovsky, 52.
  29. 11 Solo exhibition, “The World, heard by the soul ...”, 2016, St. Petersburg, Stable building S.M. Kirov.
  30. 12 Solo exhibition, “The whole world theater”, 2016, Gallery “Fossart”, St. Petersburg.
  31. 13 Solo exhibition, 2016, St. Petersburg, House of Cinema.
  32. III International Contemporary Art Fair “ArtExpoSPb”, 2016, St. Petersburg.
  33. 14 Solo exhibition, 2016, gallery “Pu-Erh”, St. Petersburg.
  34. “We draw jazz”, exhibition of young artists, 2016, hotel “Bristol”, St. Petersburg.
  35. “Art Bazaar”, an exhibition of contemporary art, 2016, Lenexpo, St. Petersburg.
  36. 15 Solo exhibition, 2017, gallery “Poppy jam”, St. Petersburg.
  37. “Spring is walking along the roads”, project V.Ganibalova, 2017, museum complex “Marat 64”, cultural center V.Suslov.
  38. Exhibition “Cat World”, 2017, Union of Artists, St. Petersburg.
  39. 16 Solo exhibition, 2017, the project of the gallery “Fossart”, the hotel “Sokos on Vasilievsky”, St. Petersburg.
  40. 17 Solo exhibition, 2017, restaurant “Zinger”, St. Petersburg.
  41. 18 Solo exhibition, 2017, Carl Bulla Foundation Gallery, St. Petersburg.
  42. 19 Solo exhibition, 2018, exhibition complex of the Union of Artists, St. Petersburg.
  43. “Blockade through the eyes of three generations”, 2018, Gallery of the Union of Journalists, St. Petersburg.
  44. 20 Solo exhibition, 2018, museum complex “Marata 64”, St. Petersburg.
  45. “Les palettas de st. Petersbourg ”, 2018, Monteux, Provence, France.
  46. “Dedicated to Savva Yamshchikov”, 2018, gallery “Guild of Masters”, St. Petersburg.
  47. 21 Solo exhibition, 2018, Gallery of the Union of Architects, St. Petersburg.
  48. “Pictures of the blockade”, 2019, museum complex “Marata 64”, St. Petersburg.
  49. “Masters of the World”, 2019, Zubov Mansion, Moscow.
  50. “Suomi vieraiden silmin”, 2019, Mantta, Finland.
  51. “Blockade”, 2020, Concert Hall “October”, St. Petersburg
  52. “We”, 2020, Museum Complex in Razliv, Sestroretsk.